Sermon examples

Messages by Rick Foster

trm-with-motto-and-lineTo give you an idea of my preaching style and approach, I’ve included examples from several different sermon series. Some of the series are book studies, and some are topical. Click on the link to watch via Vimeo. These messages were video-taped during my interim ministry at Community Bible Church in High Point, NC.

-Sermon series on Ruth. Uncommon: My Story in His Story

“Finding Hope When Feeling Helpless”  Ruth 2:1-23

-Sermon series on Life with a Capital L

“There is Something More”  John 10:10

-Sermon series on handling personal conflict. Going Nose to Nose When You Can’t See Eye to Eye

“Breathe Grace” Matthew 18:21-35

-Sermon series through Mark

Experience Jesus!  “Surprise, Surprise!”  Mark 2:1-12

Follow Jesus!  “Facing Push-back”  Mark 6:45-56