Do You Want to be Told or Shown?

The Powerful Impact of an Intentional Interim Pastor (Jean-Frederick Fortier)Last week I had errands that took me into two different “big box” stores. I wasn’t sure where to find what I needed since I was unfamiliar with the layout of both stores.

In the first, I asked an employee where the item was located. He was very knowledgeable, friendly, and immediately informed me of the right aisle to go to.

In the second store, when I asked the same question, that employee responded by saying, “Come on, I’ll show you.” They personally took me to the aisle and pointed out where on the shelf the item was located. They also mentioned several other options that I might consider depending on my needs.

What a difference between being told and being shown. And it just feels different, doesn’t it?


How to Sabotage Your Pastoral Transition

sabotage-train-tracks-with-shadowWhen the lead or senior pastor of a church exits, powerful rip-tides are unleashed! Those on the leadership team, tasked with handling this transition, often face intense pressure without any advanced preparation or training.

In addition, most pastoral transitions occur abruptly, leaving a church with a mosaic of emotions. So not only is the leadership team trying to deal with their own emotional reactions to the pastor leaving, but as shepherds the church needs help with theirs! (more…)

When the Word Leads Your Pastoral Search (Chicago, IL: Moody Publishers, 2011)


Chris does a fantastic job of helping search teams keep in mind what they are really doing. They are looking for a man who has been deeply shaped by God’s Word: his character, his vision and his preaching. Especially helpful are the forms so that search team members all critique candidate’s sermons from the same perspective.

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Search: The Pastoral Search Committee Handbook (Nashville, TN: BH Publishing Group, 2016)

Search book image

This recently published book is a great guide for churches in pastoral transition. The search process for a senior or lead pastor is an exciting adventure, but the journey has significant pot-holes to avoid. Vanderbloemen’s book shows the way and even has a rich Appendix of sample forms.

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We Jump First!

How Intentional Interim Pastors lead

Penguins jumping with shadowAn intentional interim pastor is one who leads by jumping first. He fights organizational paralysis, because the tendency among the leadership team at this time is to think, “Let’s leave well enough alone”. It’s the mindset of not wanting to stir-up trouble in an already stressful time. After all, if you don’t move the furniture, you won’t see the cockroaches scatter. That’s classic risk-avoidance!

Yet the interim period is a time for strategic initiative, for proactive work in a few key areas that will set-up the church well to receive their new pastor and launch into a future of Christ-honoring ministry.

That’s why the leadership of an intentional interim is to jump first: to take the church where it might otherwise be hesitant to go. (more…)