About Me

Closeup with shadow Hi! I’m Rick Foster. I’m an intentional interim pastor and founder of Transition Resource Ministry (TRM). Here is what I do:

I’m passionate about resourcing high-level church decision makers so they can lead confidently through pastoral transition, which will allow their church to thrive amid uncertainty.

Let me unpack that….the season of pastoral transition in a church is an awkward and often misunderstood time. Which means, most churches don’t know how to take advantage of it, so unfortunately, they can easily bungle it.

My role is to come alongside a church, either as their intentional interim pastor or coach, and walk with them through a process whereby their church will be ready to launch well into a new season of Christ-honoring ministry.

My Focus

TRM enables me to focus on helping a local church in at least 3 ways….

1. Intentional Interim Pastor

When a church selects this option my wife and I move into their community and I become the20160717_1826ee-x3 interim pastor. The next 15-18 months follows a well-defined process of working with the leadership team, staff, and church members to see what the Lord has in mind to renew church health and vitality. I often work as an interim in a strategic partnership with Interim Pastor Ministries. If I’m not currently available to be your interim, they can find someone for you.

Here is a list of my intentional interim ministry:

  • New Community Church  -Elizabeth City, NC

This bible chuNCC with shadowrch of 450 entered pastoral transition after their senior pastor resigned due to an affair. The attempts by the elders and staff to handle the transition collapsed in hurt feelings and mistrust by the church of the leadership team.

The interim season brought stability through a strong pulpit ministry, thoughtful evaluation, complete transparency, and pastoral care. The church eventually called a new senior pastor who has led them in re-visioning their ministry and a reconnection to their community.

What others are saying....

  • Bethany Baptist Church  -Colorado Springs, CO

BEthany Baptist with shadowThis 125 year-old independent Baptist church was quickly headed downhill. In its glory days over 1000 people attended, now less than 50 came and 80% were over 70 years of age. There was little energy, no connection to the community, and they were burning through their savings account.

At the very moment the leadership team realized that they were dying, a new church plant in the area came asking if they could rent a room for a mid-week recovery group. This new church was experiencing 50% conversion growth. After a couple of meetings, a merge was suggested instead of a rental agreement. Four months later the two churches did merge and the new entity continues to grow and reach the community.

What others are saying….

  • Community Bible Church  -High Point, NC

Community Bible with shadowWithin a 90-day period the senior pastor took his life and the beloved #2 pastor died of cancer. This large Evangelical Free Church was reeling from grief and confusion. Over 200 people immediate quit attending.

The interim season allowed the church time to heal. Trust was restored through the consistent powerful teaching of God’s Word each Sunday, personal contact, and an objective evaluation of current ministries and values. Though there was a difficult “pruning” period, the church has emerged stronger. They have called a new senior pastor and eagerly look forward to a new season of Christ-honoring ministry.

What others are saying….

2. Coach

For any number of reasons, some churches don’t choose to bring in an interim pastor, but they would still appreciate a seasoned coach to help guide them in using the transition period well.

Coaching options run the gamut from a one-time weekend consultation with the leadership team, to regular weekly and/or monthly engagements.

Contact me at: rick@interimpastor.org for coaching services that would fit your situation.

3. Resources

For the moment, click here or on the ‘Resources’ tab on the main menu of the Home page. Also check out my book recommendations on the right side bar of the Home page. I only recommend the best of the best.

My Background

I graduated from Wheaton College with a BA in Speech and Communications, then Dallas Theological Seminary with a ThM in Pastoral Ministry.

I’ve had the privilege of being a pastor for over 25 years in Arizona, Ethiopia and Florida. But in the last 5 years I have a special calling to serve churches going through pastoral transition as an intentional interim.

Being an intentional interim has required training and ongoing skill development. I have benefited greatly from the training by Interim Pastor Ministry, the former leadership of Titus Ministry and Transition Resource Group. I’ve also been certified by Peacemakers Ministry in Conflict Coaching.

My familyrickfoster-47

Lucy and I are empty-nesters (but not retired) having been married for 40 years. We have 3 grown kids, all married, with 6 wonderful grandkids. Our home base is Colorado Springs, CO.