General toolbox


“If all you have is a hammer, then every problem looks like a nail.”

Feel free to rummage around in this tool kit of resources so you’ll have more than just a hammer!



Free mini-ebook

Leading well in pastoral transition requires church leaders to have an objective view of where they are as a church. This resource guides the leadership team to evaluate together 17 critical ministry issues in order to make wise decisions about navigating the transition. Use the sign-up form in the right sidebar to get this free resource.


  • 9 Signs Your Church Needs an Interim Pastor
    click here
  • The 22 Most Common Mistakes Made by Church Leadership Teams During a Time of Senior Pastor Transition click here
  • 12 Signs You Need an Intentional Interim Pastor click here
  • Brethren Churches: “Healthy Pastoral Transitions: Understanding the Journey” click here


What is an intentional interim pastor?
Dave Brooks of CRM reTurn

For churches already searching for a pastor:

Get an overview of the search process, click here.

Quality organizations for church assessment as well as recommendations for men to serve as an interim:

-Interim Pastor Ministry
-Tom Harris

-Turnaround Pastors Inc.
(928) 227-1193
-Bud Brown

For churches in Canada:
-Transitional Leadership Network

-Denominational resources

-Tennessee Baptist Convention


Please contact me at if I can be of help in recommending other resources.