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“If all you have is a hammer, then every problem looks like a nail.”

Feel free to rummage around in this tool kit of resources so you’ll have more than just a hammer!



Free mini-ebook

I am writing a series of mini-ebooks entitled “Leading Without a Leader”. Each of them provide helpful resources to those who are tasked to lead well in pastoral transition.

The first is called “Defining Reality”. Leading during pastoral transition requires church leaders to have an objective view of where they are as a church. This resource guides the leadership team to evaluate together 17 critical ministry issues in order to make wise decisions about navigating the transition. If you would like a copy of this mini-ebook, just email me:

Churches Grieving the loss of their Pastor:

When the senior pastor leaves abruptly, or even through a planned succession, the church often feels the loss as grief. One of the best shepherding initiatives to take is to offer grief counseling through GriefShare. This is a national organization that offers grief recovery support groups. Contact them at


  • 9 Signs Your Church Needs an Interim Pastor
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  • The 22 Most Common Mistakes Made by Church Leadership Teams During a Time of Senior Pastor Transition click here
  • 12 Signs You Need an Intentional Interim Pastor click here
  • Brethren Churches: “Healthy Pastoral Transitions: Understanding the Journey” click here


What is an intentional interim pastor?
Dave Brooks of CRM reTurn

For churches already searching for a pastor:

Get an overview of the search process, click here.

Quality organizations for church assessment as well as recommendations for men to serve as an interim:

-Interim Pastor Ministry
-Tom Harris

For churches in Canada:
-Transitional Leadership Network

-Denominational resources

-Tennessee Baptist Convention


Please contact me at if I can be of help in recommending other resources.