New Resource -Music for the Grief Journey

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When a church experiences the abrupt departure of their senior pastor, major feelings of grief are triggered. For some people, the grief can be at a crisis or even trauma level. One resource TRM now provides is a recommended “play-list” of songs for the grief journey (click here).

Grief can’t be fixed. It is a wound and needs time to heal. But music with lyrics that emphasize strong biblical themes of hope can aid that healing. Go check it out!

Cultivate the Right Mindset

The first response of church leaders to their pastor's affair

You remember the moment all too well. Maybe it was a phone call, or a meeting face-to-face, but it left you shocked…shaken…and unnerved. You heard what you hoped you would never have to hear. Your senior pastor had an affair.

The decisions and choices the leadership team of a church makes in the first 60 to 90 days after the pastor’s affair determine how well the church recovers. But those who make up the leadership team, typically, have not been prepared or trained for this possibility. They honestly don’t know what to do next.


When Your Pastor has an Affair

Sharpened Focus for Transition Resource Ministry

Most high-level church leaders are not prepared, or trained, to handle the abrupt departure of their senior pastor due to an affair. At the very moment, when feelings of inadequacy are overwhelming, the church they serve needs wise, loving, and godly proactive leadership. Yet who is competent for “such a time as this”?

Help for Your Search Process

The most critical time in searching for a new senior pastor is when the leadership team of a church sets up the process. It’s what is done on the front-end that determines the success at the back-end.

There are two important books I would recommend for your consideration, which will give your Search Team every opportunity to succeed in identifying God’s man for your next pastor.

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The Incredible Value of an Interim Pastor

What he can bring to the table

When a church leadership team first considers bringing in an interim pastor, at some point they will wrestle with the question of value or worth. What value will an interim pastor bring to the table? Is it worth having an interim pastor during this season of transition?

What should the leadership team look for? What expectations are appropriate for how an interim will fulfill his role in the life of the church during the strategic transition season?


Shepherding Change -Part 2

What to do when the sheep act like cats

Regardless of the “why” behind a senior pastor leaving a church, the transition unleashes a powerful tsunami which impacts everyone. But not everyone responds to change in the same way. What often puzzles and befuddles the leadership team is that the reactions by those in the church are all over the board: the sheep are acting like cats!


Shepherding Change -Part 1

What to do when sheep act like cats

It’s an understatement to say that a church will face change when there is a turn-over of their senior pastor! Yet most church leadership teams underestimate the impact.

To use the word ‘change’ can easily keep pastoral transition at an unemotional and detached level, as if the church simply changed the color of the paint on the wall (though that has often been a very emotional experience in some churches!). (more…)

How to Avoid Getting Sideways in Pastoral Transition

When even best intentions can’t keep you out of trouble

bewilderedClassic Yogi Berra wisdom, “If you don’t know where you are going, you might wind up some place else.”

Solomon put it this way, “Ponder the path of your feet, then all your ways will be sure.” (Prov.4:26)

How many church leaders, when trying to help the body of believers they serve navigate pastoral transition, suddenly find things have gone sideways? It’s not going as planned, and the potential outcome appears to be getting worse.

After the initial quiet and sober reaction to the blunt news that the senior pastor has, or is, leaving -now tempers are flaring…accusations are being hurled right and left…trust in the leadership team has evaporated…key volunteers quietly mention they are thinking of taking a break…key families haven’t been seen in worship for weeks. The mood around the church feels tense! (more…)

Pastoral transition is not a problem to solve, but a season to shepherd.  -Rick Foster

Do You Want to be Told or Shown?

The Powerful Impact of an Intentional Interim Pastor (Jean-Frederick Fortier)Last week I had errands that took me into two different “big box” stores. I wasn’t sure where to find what I needed since I was unfamiliar with the layout of both stores.

In the first, I asked an employee where the item was located. He was very knowledgeable, friendly, and immediately informed me of the right aisle to go to.

In the second store, when I asked the same question, that employee responded by saying, “Come on, I’ll show you.” They personally took me to the aisle and pointed out where on the shelf the item was located. They also mentioned several other options that I might consider depending on my needs.

What a difference between being told and being shown. And it just feels different, doesn’t it?