start-stop-3dIf you’ve just found out you’re “losing” your senior pastor, and the coming transition is not something you feel well-prepared or equipped to handle, I can help!

Let me assure you, it may feel like you’re headed into uncharted and troubling waters, but there are wonderful resources available to help you lead confidently amid the uncertainty.

It is true that a pastoral transition in most churches unleashes powerful rip-tides. The transition season can appear bewildering and confusing. But others have been down this trail and can offer a wise plan to follow which will make all the difference in the world.

How an intentional interim pastor can help your transition

Here is what I am passionate about….

I want to help you…a high-level church decision maker,
lead confidently through pastoral transition,
so your church can thrive amid uncertainty.

The transition between senior pastors, regardless of the reasons it’s occurring, can be a confusing and unnerving time for both the leadership team and the church. The choices that are made, about how to navigate this transition, can either set your church back, or launch it well into a new season of effective ministry.

After 36 years of pastoral ministry, specialized training as an intentional interim, and leading 3 widely divergent churches through pastoral transition, I am convinced of two truths:

  1. Pastoral transition is not a problem to manage, but a season to shepherd.
  2. A church doesn’t have to groan through a transition, but can actually grow through it.

Meeting the needs you have

I’m sure you have serious questions and concerns, and you would like proven answers and the counsel of someone who has taken others on this journey before. There are 3 ways I can serve you:trm-3-channels

  • As an Interim pastor: I come and walk alongside your church as a pastor, coach, trainer, and in-house consultant for 12-18 months until a permanent pastor is called.
  • Virtual coach: I engage with your leadership team over a weekend visit so everyone is on the same page about the key aspects of pastoral transition and how that impacts your unique setting. This could include follow-up consultation for further evaluation and to monitor progress.
  • Critical resources: on this website you’ll find practical help for leading in pastoral transition through my blogs and the “Tool Kit” which can give support and direction.

Contact me, without obligation, at and let’s talk! Or at least sign-up for my free newsletter which will give you great insights into the dynamics of pastoral transition.